Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing ....

Over the Christmas break Gunter and I revealed the name of Baby Price! Introducing....

John Turner Price

John is Gunter's first name
This is Gunter at Christmas time. 

Turner is my mom's maiden name.
Kyle, Kelsey and me with Gran - Virginia Turner, my mom's mother. 

Me and Dad Christmas 1985
(Just had to throw a childhood Christmas picture in there!)

We decided to tell our families the baby's name over the Christmas holidays. We couldn't think of a better way than to tell them with a gift!  The Brown's gift and the Price's gift each had a gift tag on them and was signed John Turner! 

Gift Tag! In the box was a "grandparents" ornament

Mom with her ornament. 
She said "This is the best Christmas present ever!"

We told the Price family at the Christmas Eve dinner. All of Gunter's family was there - Aunts, Uncles, Grandmother and parents. We got so excited that we forgot to take pictures! 

Let the monogramming begin! 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I truly love Christmas! We get to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus! We get to decorate our houses, spend time with family, sing Christmas carols, light the advent wreath, and eat lots of good food!

This year was our year to stay in Dothan for Christmas. Ever since Gunter and I have been married, we have been switching up the holidays. Spending one holiday with one family and the other holiday with the other family. We went to Birmingham a couple of days before Christmas and returned home on Christmas Eve. It was so good to spend quality time with everyone and see some good friends too! Here is a little glimpse of our holidays!

Family Picture of the Browns! 
We opened  gifts on Thursday night. This picture was taken just after the gift opening! 
Dad is looking cheesy as usual. 

Of course Baby Price got a few things for Christmas. 
This Auburn hat is from Kyle. Heath was just modeling it for us! 
He looks so happy! 

This may be one of my favorite things Baby Price got for Christmas - 
a "Lil Peanut" doll. The baby comes out of the peanut. We found it at "Swaddle" in 
downtown Homewood. This was perfect for the baby because 1 - We live in the peanut capital of the world and 2 - Mom calls him (baby) "Peanut."

The Price family at Christmas! 
Gunter and I had everyone over to lunch at our house on Sunday.

Gunter, Heath and I at Christmas
Next year is going to be a lot different! 

Over Christmas we revealed Baby Price's name... so I will post pictures of that tomorrow! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ER Visit

Yesterday was not a good day around the Price house... I woke up Monday morning feeling like I may be getting sick - a bladder infection. I immediately began pumping the cranberry juice! I went and paid a little visit to Sydney, Will, and Baby Eli before they left to head back home to Savannah. But by lunch I wasn't feeling much better. Now the pain had moved to by back - the lower left side. I remember this feeling all too well. It couldn't be anything but kidney stones!

When I was a junior at Auburn I had my first run-in with the dreaded kidney stones. I was a Pi Chi that year, helping Freshman girls as they went through recruitment. On the last day of rush I began feeling very terrible and had a pain that was indescribable and made me nauseous. Poor Gunter tried to take me to the Urgent Care. They couldn't tell me what was wrong. My mom was on a trip with her friends, so as soon as she flew in she drove down to Auburn and attempted to take me the East Alabama Medical Center in Auburn. They couldn't figure out anything... and we eventually just left the hospital, got in the car and drove straight to the St. Vincent's ER where they diagnosed my pain as the passing of a kidney stone. Although by that time, I had already passed it :)

Back to yesterday. I was working with my sewing machine and the pain become terrible. I got in a hot bathtub to see if that would relax the muscles, but it didn't help. I called the doctor to see if I could still take some pain medication that had prescribed to me at the beginning of my pregnancy for kidney stones.  Yes, it was still ok. I took that. One hour later I didn't feel any better. I called Gunter and told him to get home ASAP. Not long after he walked in the door I got sick everywhere - from the horrible pain. Poor Gunter had to clean it up. Could hear him in the bedroom gagging, while I was in the bathroom doing the same. (It's only preparing him for the future!)

By that point, I knew I had to get to the ER. I knew that there is not much that you can do for kidney stones, but I was most worried about the baby. The pain can be so intense that it sends you into labor. After waiting for a little while, I was called back into the ER. The nurse said that it was a miracle. They had absolutely no beds in the ER (I felt like Mary in the Christmas story at this point), but that Labor and Delivery had several available beds and they would send me up there. I was sent up stairs, hooked up to a fetal monitor, and checked. Everything was great! My cervix had not dilated.  Baby Price was doing good! That was an answer to prayer!

Several hours later I passed the stone. They asked me if I wanted to go home, to which I replied "Yes!" I am feeling much better today and know for certain that the stone is gone. I am no longer feeling pain on the left side of my back.

This morning I had to go to my regularly scheduled OB visit, where they performed the blood glucose test. Of course it came back that I have high sugar levels. So next week, I will be going for the 3 hour blood glucose test! Doesn't that sound fun! Please pray that I do not have any more stones during my pregnancy and that the results of my blood glucose test next week come back with a good note.

I am waiting on Kelsey to email pics from our Christmas! Hopefully I will post those soon. I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of winter. I wish that I could say that it was cold here, but it is mildly warm. No sweaters needed just yet. I think it may get cooler by Christmas. We (the Browns and Prices) like to keep our dog warm during the winter. Here is runway shot of our precious pooches ready for the winter!
Heath in the cupcake sweater! 

Heath is so funny when you dress him in sweaters, t-shirts, etc. He freezes like a mannequin! He won't move at all... even for food! This cupcake sweater was one that Lucy wore last year, or the year before. But she has since gotten too big for it. We had to get her a new one. 

Lucy in her camo sweater! 

Lucy actually likes her sweater, or maybe it's that she is just too old to notice she has clothes on! Poor Lucy! She is getting so old. At least she will be warm this winter! 

Kelsey and I were reminiscing after several Christmases ago when Lucy ran away. This was a tragedy in our family! Lucy got out and was no where to be found. Search parties were sent out. The whole neighborhood was looking for her. One of the bad things was that she was wearing her "Christmas collar" which is covered in jingle bells. You can hear her coming, but it doesn't have her name tag on it :( 
Finally Mom decided to call around to the vets to see if anyone had found her and turned her in. Sure enough, several days later a vet in Mountain Brook called and said that Lucy had been found. The crazy thing is that she was found near the Wendys in Mountain Brook. That meant that Lucy had to cross Highway 280! We are still amazed that she made it successfully across considering that we have disgnosed her as being somewhat blind and deaf! We are just praying that Lucy stays put this Christmas! 

Kelsey and Teeny! 

Hope you are staying warm this Christmas season too! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Deck the Halls

The Christmas season is always so busy. And I always think that I am on top of everything, but I quickly realize that I am not on top of everything. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. But we have been busy with Christmas parties, shopping, baking, the Polar Express party at school, the end of school... you get the point.

Here are pictures of our house decorated for Christmas. This year we kind of got a late start. We usually get our tree after Thanksgiving, but since we were at the beach for Thanksgiving, we didn't get our tree and drag out the decorations until the following weekend. Here is a little taste of how we decorated our house for the holidays!
Christmas tree 2010
We are "real" tree people! It smells so good! 

I received a lot of ornaments this year, but this one is from my mom, and very
 appropriate for Christmas 2010. 
It says "Poof! Your pregnant!"

I really, really wanted an Auburn tree this year. Last year after Christmas I found an artificial tree on sale. So I pulled it out this year, and it was a little smaller than I thought, but decided just to make the best of it. Gunter said that he really wanted to decorate it. I thought this is wonderful! Sure go for it! I walked into the dining room and this is what I saw...
Good try... but needless to say, we did not have 
an Auburn tree this year. 

Speaking of dining room... this is our dining room Christmas setting. 
I love our Christmas china, and I am so excited to pull it out every year after Thanksgiving. 

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....
Gunter's stocking is on the left. His grandmother made his. 
My stocking is in the middle. My mom made mine.
Heath's stocking is on the right. 
I love our Willow Tree nativity set that was a wedding present at my Christmas shower!

We hung wreaths on the outside of the house. 

The newest addition to the Price Christmas decor... 
red and green paper lanterns! 
I got them last year from Smith's Variety in Mountain Brook Village. 
I think they are so festive! 

The front door. 
I love the little reindeer and gingerbread man stands. 

This arrangement is hanging on our back door. 
This was also a gift from my Christmas wedding shower! 

Off to finish the Christmas presents for my nieces, mail gifts to my cousins in Virginia, and wrap about 50 gifts! Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving Beach Style

Finally, I am getting to post about our Thanksgiving holiday. I feel like life is crazy... yes, I know it's going to get crazier come April 2011. I have been busy wrapping Christmas presents, cheering on my Auburn Tigers at the SEC Championship, and devising a plan about how Gunter and I can get to Glendale for the National Championship. After all, it is a once in a life chance. Auburn hasn't been to the National Championship since 1952. I think that Auburn going to the championship this year, and Alabama last year, says a lot about our great state! We know our football! I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Heisman winner....

On to Thanksgiving... This year, we decided to do something a little different. Since we have the beach house "Worth the Wait," we decided to spend Thanksgiving there. It was wonderful! It was unusually warm. We laid out on the beach, in our bathing suits!
Tom the Turkey made the trip to PCB for Thanksgiving. 

We all contributed in making the Thanksgiving dinner, and it was delicious! We enjoyed fellowship with our family, and had a great time laughing, telling stories and eating! 

Kelsey with a plate full of food! Yummy! 

The whole gang eating Thanksgiving lunch... or was it dinner...
We didn't end up eating until around 4 o'clock 

We also celebrated Kelsey's birthday on Friday! How could we celebrate it any other way then with an Auburn victory over Alabama! Whoop! Whoop! Kelsey chose the Red Bar to eat for her birthday dinner, and it was delicious as usual. 

Gunter and I waiting for our table at Red Bar.
Notice the sun I got! 

Of course we had a cake for Kelsey... Publix white cake, her favorite! 

Kelsey was even kind enough to take some pictures of Gunter and I... and Heath! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sneak Peak: Nursery Fabric

Before I show you the nursery fabrics, I wanted to show you the twin bed that is going in the nursery as well. It wasn't ready when we picked up the other nursery fabric from Rachel Eden. Mom and Dad brought it down the next weekend. Gunter found a really good deal on this piece. It was a double headboard, but Gunter did a little tweaking and now it fits a twin bed! Rachel distressed it... and it looks great!

Rachel did such a good job! 
The maltase was from the old bedroom. 

Now onto the fabric... My mom is a seamstress, so she has agreed to make the bedding and curtains for the nursery. Thank you! Our problem was finding fabric. We don't have many choices in our small Alabama town, but I did look at what we had. Nothing jumped out at me. Mom looked a few places in Birmingham, and sent me the samples. Nothing jumped out at me. 

Several weekends later, I went to Atlanta to hang out with the Alpha Chi girls. My friend Brittany mentioned that she needed to go the fabric stores, did I need to go too? Of course! So we spent a couple of hours one Saturday wondering through Forsyth Fabrics and Lewis and Sharon. I found several fabrics that I liked, but wasn't sure how they would look in the room. Then the next weekend, we went to Birmingham. Mom and I went to King Cotton and I found several things that I liked, but once again, wasn't sure how everything would look in the room. At the end of my search, I had about 30 swatches to choose from. 
The many swatches we had to choose from...

Gunter and I did decide on one fabric that we both really liked. It is going to be the dust ruffle for the crib. 
The blue/gray in the circles matches the walls perfectly! 
I am so excited about this choice! 

Mom is making panels to go on the big windows in the nursery. There is also a smaller window which will have a shade on it. Therefore, I didn't want a pattern that was too busy or had too much going on, because there is going to be so much fabric hanging up there! Mom suggested that I look at a site where Kelsey found some fabric for her Auburn house. Just my luck... found some really cute fabric that matches perfectly! They sent me a swatch and it looks great with the dust ruffle fabric. I ended up ordering it on Cyber Monday, which means that I got a discount and free shipping. I couldn't have gotten a better deal! 
This fabric is a large houndstooth print called Kiwi Houndstooth. 
It's from Lisa Lill Studio in New York. 
Love it! Love it! Love it! 

Finally, we have the bumper pads. I chose two fabrics for the bumper pads. The green fabric is going to be on the outside and white on the inside. I am also going to monogram the inside too... when we decide on a name! 
It's a little dark. But on the left is a green and white checked fabric. 
Then a plain white fabric on the right. 

More pictures to come when everything is completed! Mom is going to start on the dust ruffle ASAP. The curtain fabric from New York should be arriving any day! 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Boy! Oh Boy!

On Tuesday (11-23) we had our 20 weeks ultrasound. (I was actually 19 weeks.) This is the ultrasound where you normally find out if you are having a boy or a girl. But Dr. Nicholls let us find out early at the 15 week appointment. During this ultrasound, the tech measures all aspects of the baby to ensure that he is growing properly.

Everything looked great for Baby Price! Dr. Nicholls said that he was developing properly and is exactly where he is supposed to be at 20 weeks. He weighed 10 ounces (about the size of a tomato) and his heart beat was 132 bpm. He was too long to fit on the screen, so we couldn't get an accurate measurement of how long he is. His legs were really, really long though!

Our tech was so sweet... She turned on the 4D Ultrasound for us and we got a few good shots of his face! He is looking so cute!
Here he is in his 4D shot! 

Who do you think he looks like? Of course Gunter thinks he looks like him... His facial features are so cute! Here are some other shots from our ultrasound. 

He was being a wiggle-worm and moving everywhere! It was hard to get a good shot of him being still! In this picture, he is stretching and you can see his backbone very well. I told Gunter it looks like he is pitching a fit! 

Here is a picture of his cute little feet! All ten fingers and toes where there! I wish that we could have gotten a shot of his long legs... 

After the appointment, Mom, Kelsey and I went to the beach for Thanksgiving! More on that later!  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Out With the Old, in With the New

Whew! We have been so busy the last few weeks! We have been working on the nursery and trying to get the "big" stuff out of the way. We have all of the furniture... I think. Today we went and looked at gliders... again. I told Gunter we need to make some more decisions soon, because I am tired of looking and talking about fabric and what will look the best! Here is a sneak peek at what Baby Price's room will look like. And yes... we still haven't decided on a name!

Our crib is the Jenny Lind Millionaire Dollar Baby Crib. I love it. It is just so classic, and exactly what I wanted. This piece of furniture was in my mom's nursery. A friend, Rachel Eden distressed it, but left the top the natural wood color. This will be our changing table!

Notice the wall color? Yes, it is gray now! This room was the green room with the twin beds in it. Gunter painted the room the other week, and I really like the color!

This wardrobe was my great grandmother's piece, on my mom's side. It used to be in grandmother (Gran's) house and I always loved it. It has been sitting in storage. So we got it out a few weeks ago and Rachel distressed it too.

This corner cabinet was in my sister's room growing up. Rachel also distressed it.
Here is a purchase that I am really excited about! Thursday I went out to the Antique Mall with Leah. I found this bassinet and just had to have it! I have been looking everywhere for one. It matches our crib perfectly! I am super excited about this!

This weekend I AM making decisions about fabric. An update on that later!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nut Fest 2010

First of all, let me say "Happy Veterans Day!" Thank you to all of those who have given up their lives for our country and freedom. My Granddaddy was a World War II veteran and a very sweet man. I miss him dearly. A thank you to him. Also a special thanks my friends the Hewitts. Will has been serving overseas and will be heading back to the states in just a few days. Sydney and Baby Eli are anxiously awaiting his return.

The first week in November is a big week here in Dothan. It is when the National Peanut Festival comes to  town! I have always loved going to fairs. When I was younger we just to go to the Tuscaloosa County Fair with my grandparents. We loved riding all the rides, seeing the little dancing monkey, and getting free magnets, pencils, and other knick-knacks from the various booths.

The Peanut Festival is a little different. They have really, really good food! My favorite are the corndogs. There is a man that comes to the Peanut Festival every year and make homemade corndogs. His name of course is the "Corndog Man." This year we met our friends John and Adrienne at the Nut Fest. Our first stop was the Corndog Man. Then we walked around the "Midway" where all the rides are. I am not a big "rider." There are a few rides that I will do (not any the spin in circles). My favorite rides at the fair include the "Crazy Mouse" and the Ferris Wheel. This year however, I did not think that it would be in my best interest to ride any rides, with a little one on the way.

As we completed the loop of the Midway, I decided that I wanted another corndog. So I stood in line again for a second corndog. The line is not short either. Its a good 15 - 20 minute wait for a homemade corndog. That just tells you how good they are.

Also at the Nut Fest they have special performers each night. Last year Lady Antebellum performed. I was secretly wishing that they were coming back again, but they are too big this year to grace the presence of Lower Alabama. Last year after they performed they won a CMA, pretty cool. This year we went to see Steel Magnolia. They were also up for a CMA last night, but didn't win. They did put on a good show. We sat with our friends Blayne and Justin in the "special, front row seats." So we were really close up. When kept wondering by the way Steel Magnolia was acting if they were a "couple." Sure enough, turns out they are dating.

Meg informed the crowd that she got her outfit across the street from the Peanut Festival at Rue 21. They were not expecting it to be that cold in Alabama. Ha! ha!

The Nut Fest just wasn't the same this year without our usual posse` - Kelsey and her roomates and Hannah. Hannah and Will live too far away. Kelsey had too much going on at Auburn with the Ole Miss game one weekend and Homecoming the next. Maybe next year they can join us!

I'm off to sew with Megan in Enterprise! She is teaching me how to applique! Hopefully there will be pictures to come (if I can figure out  how to do it on my sewing machine!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home: The Patio

We absolutely love our patio! Where we spend time relaxing after work or hanging out with friends when the weather is right. It wasn't so lovely when we began our work on it.

The paint was the army green that was on the trim of the house. 
There were a few rotten boards and a nice little "work station."

I don't know what you call these - wood siding/panels/ coverings. 
We debated about what to do exactly. 1- Paint them and use them for privacy. 
2- Tear them down. We went with #2

Front of the patio now! 

When we first moved in the house 2 years ago we did not have the railings in between the columns. This spring, Gunter built those. One night I went to bible study. Two hours later when I got home, the railing was up! He's such a handy man! I  love the Confederate Jasmine that is growing up the columns. One day it will be full and stretch across the roof line. It smells so good when it blooms! I also really like the bistro table and iron chandelier that is hanging over the table. 

Before Picture! 
The patio is "L-shaped" and this is the back portion of the patio. Notice the mysterious door, that led to no where... it is gone. There was Confederate Jasmine growing on the left side of the patio. I saved it and transplanted it to the front of the yard. 

After Picture! 
The door is gone! We bricked over the spot where it was. We love sitting on the patio and eating meals! 

We also enjoy swinging on the swing! Heath does too! 

We are so happy about the progress of a patio! It is a very enjoyable place for our family! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's A Boy!

Yesterday, October 27 we found out that the Baby Price is a BOY! We are so thrilled and ecstatic! Dr. Nicholls let us find out early the sex of the baby. Normally you would have to wait until you are 20 weeks. I am 15 weeks now. I was praying two things: 1 - that the baby would be turned so that we could actually see what it was, 2 - that the doctors/ ultra sound techs could be certain about the sex. Gunter and I are planning on going shopping soon for baby things, and we wanted to be really sure of the sex so we would know if we needed to buy pink or blue! The ultra sound tech said that she was 100% sure that he was a boy! An answer to prayer! 

Shot #1 of Baby Boy Price.
This is a good profile shot and you can see his hand sticking up in the background. 

Shot #2 of Baby Boy Price! 

We are so excited to see the baby. Everything is looking really good. In four weeks we will have another ultra sound, so more pictures to come! Keeping praying for a good pregnancy and that the baby grows and is continuing in good health!