Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Father's Day and 2 Month Check-Up

This post is a little belated, but I still wanted to share pictures from Gunter's first Father's Day. We headed to Montgomery on Thursday (June 16th) night. For Valentine's Day, I had given Gunter tickets to see the comedian Ron White. He was at the Renaissance Theatre in downtown Montgomery. He was hilarious, a little dirty, but still fun and enjoyable! We spent the night with Raleigh and Christen and they were kind enough to keep John Turner while we attended the show.

Friday morning we headed to Birmingham. My friend, Elizabeth Wyatt, got married Saturday. Check out her pictures on Hillary Gamble's website. I am obsessed. Hillary took pictures of our family a while back for my mom's Christmas gift. She is so talented! I got to see many friends from high school and my friend Elizabeth de Shazo got engaged! So I got to meet her finance and see her beautiful ring!

Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and went to Church of the Highlands with my family and lunch at Chuys afterwards. Yummy!

Gunter and John Turner celebrating Father's Day! 

John Turner completed his first art project and made his Daddy something sweet for Father's Day! I painted his feet and he stamped his footprints on a framed paper! It turned out really cute. I wish I had a picture, but Gunter rushed it off work to show it off before I could snap a pic! 

John Turner, my Dad, and Me

We headed home shortly after lunch to celebrate with Gunter's dad at the Cracker Barrel! 
4 Generations! 
Gunter's granddad, Martin, Gunter's dad, John Turner and Gunter

On June 15th, John Turner had his 2 month old appointment.... which meant shots! He had to get one oral vaccination and three shots. It was sad, but I held myself together! John Turner weighed 12 pounds 3 ounces, he was in the 60th percentile for weight. He was 24 inches long, he was in the 75th percentile for height! He is a growing boy! 

He is smiling much more and is cooing/talking to you constantly. He loves the morning time, baths (which we sometimes do multiple times a day for entertainment), and walks. He is just as sweet as can be!

His Popeye grin! 

This picture was taken on Sunday.... like Father, like son! 
Getting ready for football season! War Eagle! 

He is growing like a weed!  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Years and Counting!

Yesterday Gunter and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. Half of a decade! We have known each other for 9 years, which is a little weird. I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday we were saying "I Do." Now we are raising a family... Wow! Things are a little different now!

We celebrated by heading down to the beach for a few nights by ourselves! Yes, by ourselves, which means we left John Turner. Gunter's parents were gracious enough to keep him for a few nights. We ate good food, laid out and caught some rays, and slept late! It was so nice!

We were reminiscing about all that we have done since we have been married. We are so blessed to experience the things we have done! Here are just a few things from our "list."

  • Started a family!
  • Traveled to a different country (Jamaica on our honeymoon)
  • Renovated a house
  • Got a dog
  • Learned   Tried to learn to ski (Gunter is a  master skier)
  • Have experienced sickness and health (my kidney stones, Gunter's knee surgery) 
  • Traveled to many states and interesting cities
  • Followed our Auburn Tigers to the National Championship
  • Grew in our walk with the Lord
  • Learned more about each other... and we still love each other :)

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us as a family and hope for many more anniversaries to come!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beach Baby!

John Turner made his beach debut this Memorial Day weekend. Gunter and I headed down to "Worth the Wait" (my parent's house) on Thursday night. We were off to a great start because John Turner slept the whole car ride. He didn't make a peep until Mom pulled his out of his carseat upon arrival. John Turner decided that he was feeling so relaxed that he slept through the night! Yes, you heard me... my 6 week old child slept through the night. Six hours Thursday night, five hours Friday and Saturday, and four hours Sunday night. Maybe he was lulled to sleep by the ocean waves or the fact that he had to bundle under his covers to stay warm, because Dad cranks the air down so low! Whatever it is I would like to know. Because since returning to his humble abode... he has yet to repeat those glorious nights. In fact, last night I felt like I had brought home a newborn. He woke up every 2 hours!

Raleigh and Christen arrived Friday, so we ventured down to the Prices beach place Friday afternoon to catch up with the twins! They are so cute!

Our attempt at a "grandkids" pic! 
Poor John Turner... he'll be able to hold his head up soon! 
Maralee, Adeline (who kept trying to crawl off the front of the couch) and John Turner

The Price Family

Our little family... minus Heath

Playing in the water! 

Wednesday (before Memorial Day) John Turner woke up not acting like himself. He was really congested, sneezing, coughing, etc. I took him to the pediatrician just to be safe. It turned out it was just a cold. While we were there, I mentioned that his bellybutton had gooey stuff coming out of it. So Dr. Strassberg closed it back up again! That is why it looks black. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but couldn't get it off. Oh well, it will be memories for John Turner's first beach trip! One week later he is all clean. 

Hanging out with the twins! 
John Turner is wearing the bathing suit Aunt Christen gave him! 

Chillin' on the beach! 

With Aunt Kelsey

With the Brown family, minus Mom. She wouldn't get in the picture! 

John Turner came home with his new love... a bouncey seat! 
Thanks Cha Cha (my mom) and Dad (he hasn't decided on a name yet)

I came home with the stomach virus! It was terrible. We are so thankful for grandparents in town who came to our rescue. They came and got John Turner and let him spend the night with them until I was in the clear and our house was Lysoled and clean! 

We are all anxious to get back down the beach. Hopefully it will be sooner than later! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sweet John Turner started really smiling last week! Before then he would smile a little off and on. But starting last week he turned into a different child! Last Wednesday he had a cold, so I took him to see Dr. Strassberg. It turned out that nothing was really wrong with him... he was just prescribed some nose drops. I guess that was the new mom in me freaking out a little. But because we were heading to the beach for Memorial Day, I hated to get down there and then he get an ear infection or his cold worse. While we were there, I mentioned that he was still really fussy after he ate. He would cry a lot and sometimes cry while he was eating and spitting up a little. The doctor also prescribed some acid reflux medicine for John Turner to try. He is so much happier and now doesn't cry after he eats!

I tried to capture some good smiles this morning, but these are the best I could get!

John Turner loves to wake up about 6:30 and lay on the couch and move his arms and legs in a "swimming" motion and coo and smile! He a growing up so fast! When we were at the doctor last week, he weighed 11 pounds! He goes for his 2 month old shots in 2 weeks! I can't believe it!

Sometimes you have those days where you just have to smile and laugh at yourself. Today was one of those days. John Turner was probably smiling in all those pictures because he had just pooped and pee-peed all over the couch. When we change him on the couch we put down a little disposable changing pad. Well it was in place this morning. I was pulling the old diaper away and getting the new one in place. As I did he pooped all over the changing pad. So I had to pull that away so the outside of the diaper didn't get messed up. I had gotten the diaper in place and John Turner had an explosion! He was pooping and peeing at the same time! I hadn't gotten the velcro of the diaper fastened yet, so I thought "Oh good! I will just block everything with the diaper." Well there was so much of it, it just went everywhere! All over the sofa cushion!

But the adventures of today don't end there! We went for a walk this morning. When we returned I noticed he was a little warm. I took his temperature - 99.7. It has to be 100.5 for it be considered a fever. We continued on with our day. We went and had lunch with Alicia and Kinley at the Basketcase. When we returned, John Turner still felt a little warm. I took his temperature again - 100.7. But this was just with the ear thermometer. The doctor said I need to use a "not fun thermometer."

So after John Turner finished eating, I decided I must do it to get a true reading of his temp. But my number 1 fear was that he would poop on me. So I got everything ready, and the first few seconds were great... no problems... the thermometer was in place and the temp was rising... all of the sudden I hear a rumble down-under and there was an explosion! Poop was all over me! the changing table! John Turner's leg! Thank goodness his towel from his bath this morning was still in his room. I used that to clean up and laid it over the dirty spot on his changing table. I stuck a new diaper underneath him, but when I velcroed it down, I accidently velcroed the old diaper to the new one! I didn't notice until I laid him on the bed! Now poop was all over his bed! Finally I got everything cleaned up and it's all in the washing machine now! In these types of circumstances all you can do is smile and laugh at yourself!

PS- John Turner's temp taken the not fun way was 99.7. So we are waiting to call the doctor!

Pictures of the beach bum coming soon!