Monday, November 29, 2010

Boy! Oh Boy!

On Tuesday (11-23) we had our 20 weeks ultrasound. (I was actually 19 weeks.) This is the ultrasound where you normally find out if you are having a boy or a girl. But Dr. Nicholls let us find out early at the 15 week appointment. During this ultrasound, the tech measures all aspects of the baby to ensure that he is growing properly.

Everything looked great for Baby Price! Dr. Nicholls said that he was developing properly and is exactly where he is supposed to be at 20 weeks. He weighed 10 ounces (about the size of a tomato) and his heart beat was 132 bpm. He was too long to fit on the screen, so we couldn't get an accurate measurement of how long he is. His legs were really, really long though!

Our tech was so sweet... She turned on the 4D Ultrasound for us and we got a few good shots of his face! He is looking so cute!
Here he is in his 4D shot! 

Who do you think he looks like? Of course Gunter thinks he looks like him... His facial features are so cute! Here are some other shots from our ultrasound. 

He was being a wiggle-worm and moving everywhere! It was hard to get a good shot of him being still! In this picture, he is stretching and you can see his backbone very well. I told Gunter it looks like he is pitching a fit! 

Here is a picture of his cute little feet! All ten fingers and toes where there! I wish that we could have gotten a shot of his long legs... 

After the appointment, Mom, Kelsey and I went to the beach for Thanksgiving! More on that later!  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Out With the Old, in With the New

Whew! We have been so busy the last few weeks! We have been working on the nursery and trying to get the "big" stuff out of the way. We have all of the furniture... I think. Today we went and looked at gliders... again. I told Gunter we need to make some more decisions soon, because I am tired of looking and talking about fabric and what will look the best! Here is a sneak peek at what Baby Price's room will look like. And yes... we still haven't decided on a name!

Our crib is the Jenny Lind Millionaire Dollar Baby Crib. I love it. It is just so classic, and exactly what I wanted. This piece of furniture was in my mom's nursery. A friend, Rachel Eden distressed it, but left the top the natural wood color. This will be our changing table!

Notice the wall color? Yes, it is gray now! This room was the green room with the twin beds in it. Gunter painted the room the other week, and I really like the color!

This wardrobe was my great grandmother's piece, on my mom's side. It used to be in grandmother (Gran's) house and I always loved it. It has been sitting in storage. So we got it out a few weeks ago and Rachel distressed it too.

This corner cabinet was in my sister's room growing up. Rachel also distressed it.
Here is a purchase that I am really excited about! Thursday I went out to the Antique Mall with Leah. I found this bassinet and just had to have it! I have been looking everywhere for one. It matches our crib perfectly! I am super excited about this!

This weekend I AM making decisions about fabric. An update on that later!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nut Fest 2010

First of all, let me say "Happy Veterans Day!" Thank you to all of those who have given up their lives for our country and freedom. My Granddaddy was a World War II veteran and a very sweet man. I miss him dearly. A thank you to him. Also a special thanks my friends the Hewitts. Will has been serving overseas and will be heading back to the states in just a few days. Sydney and Baby Eli are anxiously awaiting his return.

The first week in November is a big week here in Dothan. It is when the National Peanut Festival comes to  town! I have always loved going to fairs. When I was younger we just to go to the Tuscaloosa County Fair with my grandparents. We loved riding all the rides, seeing the little dancing monkey, and getting free magnets, pencils, and other knick-knacks from the various booths.

The Peanut Festival is a little different. They have really, really good food! My favorite are the corndogs. There is a man that comes to the Peanut Festival every year and make homemade corndogs. His name of course is the "Corndog Man." This year we met our friends John and Adrienne at the Nut Fest. Our first stop was the Corndog Man. Then we walked around the "Midway" where all the rides are. I am not a big "rider." There are a few rides that I will do (not any the spin in circles). My favorite rides at the fair include the "Crazy Mouse" and the Ferris Wheel. This year however, I did not think that it would be in my best interest to ride any rides, with a little one on the way.

As we completed the loop of the Midway, I decided that I wanted another corndog. So I stood in line again for a second corndog. The line is not short either. Its a good 15 - 20 minute wait for a homemade corndog. That just tells you how good they are.

Also at the Nut Fest they have special performers each night. Last year Lady Antebellum performed. I was secretly wishing that they were coming back again, but they are too big this year to grace the presence of Lower Alabama. Last year after they performed they won a CMA, pretty cool. This year we went to see Steel Magnolia. They were also up for a CMA last night, but didn't win. They did put on a good show. We sat with our friends Blayne and Justin in the "special, front row seats." So we were really close up. When kept wondering by the way Steel Magnolia was acting if they were a "couple." Sure enough, turns out they are dating.

Meg informed the crowd that she got her outfit across the street from the Peanut Festival at Rue 21. They were not expecting it to be that cold in Alabama. Ha! ha!

The Nut Fest just wasn't the same this year without our usual posse` - Kelsey and her roomates and Hannah. Hannah and Will live too far away. Kelsey had too much going on at Auburn with the Ole Miss game one weekend and Homecoming the next. Maybe next year they can join us!

I'm off to sew with Megan in Enterprise! She is teaching me how to applique! Hopefully there will be pictures to come (if I can figure out  how to do it on my sewing machine!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home: The Patio

We absolutely love our patio! Where we spend time relaxing after work or hanging out with friends when the weather is right. It wasn't so lovely when we began our work on it.

The paint was the army green that was on the trim of the house. 
There were a few rotten boards and a nice little "work station."

I don't know what you call these - wood siding/panels/ coverings. 
We debated about what to do exactly. 1- Paint them and use them for privacy. 
2- Tear them down. We went with #2

Front of the patio now! 

When we first moved in the house 2 years ago we did not have the railings in between the columns. This spring, Gunter built those. One night I went to bible study. Two hours later when I got home, the railing was up! He's such a handy man! I  love the Confederate Jasmine that is growing up the columns. One day it will be full and stretch across the roof line. It smells so good when it blooms! I also really like the bistro table and iron chandelier that is hanging over the table. 

Before Picture! 
The patio is "L-shaped" and this is the back portion of the patio. Notice the mysterious door, that led to no where... it is gone. There was Confederate Jasmine growing on the left side of the patio. I saved it and transplanted it to the front of the yard. 

After Picture! 
The door is gone! We bricked over the spot where it was. We love sitting on the patio and eating meals! 

We also enjoy swinging on the swing! Heath does too! 

We are so happy about the progress of a patio! It is a very enjoyable place for our family!