Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

We have a four- legged friend that we love dearly around our household. His name is Heath. G adopted him from the Humane Society and gave him to me Christmas 2006. Heath is part Pekingese and part Boston Terrier. We think he is wonderful! Just this past Saturday, G asked me if I thought other people were jealous of our dog, and wanted him....   :)

Heath and I took the summer easy. I finished my Masters in December, and my goal for the summer was to relax and spend as much time at the beach as possible. I think achieved my goal!

Here are some pics of Heath this summer! Enjoy!
                                               Heath and Kelsey working on the beach house!

                                     Heath LOVES to sit in the swing on the porch and watch
                                                        the cars drive down the street!

I wanted to soften up our very large fireplace. So  Mom helped 
me make some cushions for the hearth. This has become
Heath's favorite place to sit.... and nap. 

I love summer time, but I am getting tired of the 100 degree heat. We are ready for Fall and cooler weather. Heath is ready to break out his Auburn gear! 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How It All Began!

Welcome to the Price Life blog! I wanted to create a blog to keep our family and friends informed about our life! I having been thinking about having a blog for quite sometime now, but wasn't sure if I would have enough time.... A good friend of mine, Amy, suggested that I start a blog when I saw her at a wedding. Her suggestion was to let others know about all the updating and remodeling that we did to our house. That got the wheels turning. After I  finished my Masters in December, I took a few months off to have a little fun, and now I am starting the blog! I hope that you enjoy it!

This summer, my husband and I took a fun getaway trip to St. Simon's Island, Georgia. One day in particular we went to Jekyll Island. There was a little putt-putt course on the island. When the Prices putt-putt we always have to wager something. On this trip, I was wagering my blog (whether to have one or not) and G was wagering a golf cart (which he has been really, really wanting). So if I won, I got to start my blog, if G won, he got to get a golf cart! Pretty high stakes!

                                                        Hole where I made a one-in-one!

It ended up that I dominated the putt-putt course, beating my husband my a substantial amount - 11 strokes to be exact! I even made a hole-in-one on course! I was ecstatic! Here are a few pics from the joyful occasion!

                                                                At the windmill hole!

                                                          After our putt-putt game!

Besides stories about our life and the renovations on our house, I also would like to post about fun crafts and things that I have been working on. I am teaching myself to sew, smock, and use my monogram sewing machine. More on that later! Hope you enjoy!