Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 Months and Growing!

John Turner turned 4 months old on August 13th, the day Kelsey left for China. As you can imagine, I don't really have a great deal of time for blog posts with my new life.... teaching.... daycare.... tummy time... feeding time.... bed time. Before I know it, it is 11:00 pm and I haven't sat down! But I must admit and I am loving life, especially life with John Turner!

At his 4 month appointment John Turner weighed 14.3 pounds and was 25 inches long.
In the bouncey seat at Cha Cha's house! 
Chilin' in his PJs! 

John Turner got to meet my best friend, Hannah, for the first time! It was love at first sight! Now that Hannah and Will are closer to us, we will hopefully be seeing a lot more of them !

Hannah and John Turner

Dr. Barron gave us the ok to begin eating rice cereal. At first, John Turner wasn't too interested in it, but now he loves it and gets really excited when you feed it to him !
Rice cereal everywhere! 
His first experience! 

John Turner began rolling over a few weeks before his four month birthday, but on his birthday, he rolled and then rolled again. Now he is rolling from back to front and back to front. He loves tummy time! He especially loves an Elmo toy and Mom and Dad's neighbor, Amy, gave him! It makes noise and is very colorful! 

Playing with Elmo! 

We are still missing "Beefy" and wishing everyday that he was here with us! But having John Turner around helps to keep my mind off of him! 

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  1. I miss y'all so much! Turner is getting so big. We need to skype so I can see him in action!!