Sunday, August 21, 2011

American Goodbye, Mandarin Hello!

It's official! Kelsey has left for East Asia. God has called her to go work with Campus Crusade in East Asia for the next 11 months. She will be taking Mandarin classes, learning the language, and most importantly building and forming relationships with the people she comes in contact with to lead them to Christ. On Saturday, August 13th she flew to Chicago for her training. Then on Friday, August 19th she made her way to East Asia. It was a rather long trip. But we just got word about 11:30am yesterday that she has made it! She doesn't have Internet yet, but is working on it!

Last weekend we had a sweet farewell in Birmingham. Mom cooked a HUGE dinner and we ate one last time as a family. It won't happen again for 11 more months :(

Kelsey could only take 2 - 50 pound bags!
This is one of them! 

Last family picture! 
Gunter had to stay at home and keep John Turner, 
he was being a sleepy head and wasn't awake yet!

I'll continue to post updates on Kelsey as I them! Please keep her in your prayers! 

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