Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catch Up

Here is what we've been doing the past 3 weeks....

John Turner will be 6 months on Thursday! He is growing like a weed. He has 2 teeth coming in on the bottom! So that has not been fun. He has been fussy when they are cutting through the gums. Now he is looking more like a little man!

John Turner loves playing on the floor! He can stay down there for hours! And here is his new love....
Blah Blah! 

John Turner loves to wrestle with  Blah Blah on the floor. Blah Blah was a gift from Mrs. Smith, Sydney's mom. Blah Blah has been in John Turner's crib... but he just now discovered him and loves him! 

John Turner also loves his Little Tikes swing. He swings most days, when it's not rainy or too windy! We also have been watching quite a bit of football outside, so this is a great seat for John Turner. He can see the TV perfectly to cheer on his Auburn Tigers! 

We've been hanging out with our friends the Barfields. Blayne and Justin just had Lilly a few weeks ago. They came over to watch the Auburn South Carolina game with us last weekend. John Turner loved Lilly. You can see they are "sharing" the toy. John Turner rolled over on her a few times and tried to "kiss"her. Already after the ladies ....

And finally, John Turner has decided to be into everything! He will roll out of his bouncey seat if you're not watching him. The other day he rolled into the kitchen while I wasn't looking and then got mad that he hit is head on the hardwood floors.

Thursday, Lindsay Nicholls is coming to take his 6 month pictures! I can't wait, because she does great work! 

War Eagle!


  1. He is so cute!! I can't believe how he is growing. Lindsay photographed the girls 2 years ago and they were beautiful! She is also doing baby boy's pics...I'm so excited :)

  2. I am so excited about photographing this sweet boy tomorrow! See you then!